Okeechobee Bass Fishing- Okeechobee Fishing Report 1/8/19

Okeechobee Bass Fishing- Okeechobee Fishing Report 1/8/19


Lonzo Arrowwood and his girlfriend came down from Ohio to fish on Lake O and to enjoy some sun this week. We caught a total of 27 Bass with several fish in the 3-5lb range. The lake was completely glass this morning which has been a rarity this Fall/Winter. Lonzo is Cherokee Indian an has been coming down to Okeechobee since he was a little boy and reminisced about coming down so he had several stories to tell about the lake and fishing here with his dad. Look forward to seeing this couple again in the future and hearing more old Okeechobee stories as well.


Okeechobee Fishing Guides- Okeechobee Fishing Report 1/7/19

Okeechobee Fishing Guides- Okeechobee Fishing Report 1/7/19


Rick Goette and his daughter Morgan came to enjoy some time together and a great day on the water with OkeechobeeBassFishing.com. They caught several nice bass with a total of 28 bass today. Morgan is one of the top women shooters in the U.S. and is here training with her coach at Quail Creek in Okeechobee. It was a pleasure taking them out and watching Morgan woop her dad in the numbers at the end of the day.

Okeechobee Fishing Guides- Okeechobee Fishing Report 1/2/19


Jason Metcalf and Cat Mitchell had an amazing day on Big Lake O catching nearly 40 bass with several nice fish to go with them. They came all the way from Kentucky to enjoy some fun, sun. and Big Okeechobee Bass! The fish are eating like crazy, chasing and crushing these shiners one after another this morning. I love my job and I love my clients! Thanks for coming and thanks for another phenomenal day on Lake Okeechobee.


Jason caught this 6lb 2oz Okeehcobee Bass fishing with Okeechobee Fishing Guides!


Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing- Okeechobee Fishing Report 1/1/19


John and his sons John and Matthew had another awesome day fishing catching nearly 40 bass with 3 over 5lb. The bass sure are eating right now and as spring gets closer and closer the fishing should only get better. These guys have been coming to Okeechobee for years and this was the first time they ever hired a guide. They had never caught so many fish on there own fishing so they swore they would not come down without hiring Okeechobee Fishing Guides/Okeechobee Bass Fishing. If you want to come down and catch more big bass than you have ever caught book a trip with OkeechobeeBassFishing.com


Matthew caught his biggest bass of his life with this 6lb. 5oz. Large mouth with Okeechobee Bass Fishing!


Okeechobee Fishing Guides- Okeechobee Fishing Report 12/31/18


John and his sons Chris (12) and Baxter (10) came down from Virginia to fish with Okeechobee Bass Fishing. These guys boated over 35 bass with 5 being around 5lbs. the biggest being 5lbs. 6oz. The weather has been perfect for these fish to be eating and getting fat preparing for the upcoming spawn. The wind has been out of the east/south east so it is clearing up a bit which is helping the bite as well. The artificial bite has also begun to get better and better as well. I have been catching fish on a senko, speed worm, and the top water bite has been heating up as well. Looking forward to seeing these to boys grow up and catch a whole lot more BIG Okeechobee Bass!


Okeechobee Bass Fishing- Okeechobee Fishing Report 12/28/18


Dave Gotsch and his son Conner have been fishing with us for a few years now and they have had some good luck each and every time! Today we caught in the mid 20’s but caught 3 bigguns 1 was 7lbs 7oz. 1 was 7lbs. 2oz. and was one 5lbs. 6oz. The weather was perfect and the fog hung til past 9am making the fish eat like crazy. Although the water is dropping the fish are loving the fact that the bait fish is getting flushed out of deep marsh areas where they have been laid up in the deeper water. These fish were all caught on live wild shiners using shimano stradic reels and gloomis rods.