Okeechobee Bass Fishing-Okeechobee Fishing Report 10/12/17


Chuck Carnahan and his buddy Randy from Pa. caught almost 40 nice fish in a little over 3 hrs. With lake levels so high the fish have been holding tight to the heavy cover. Fishing will get better and better as the month goes on and the BIG females should start showing up any day now to start the spawning season. Okeechobee Bass Fishing is on fire and it is time for you to book a trip, the weather is beautiful and the water should start to cool as the weather starts to cool and the fishing will be phenomenal. Check out our other Okeechobee Bass Fishing Reports.

Okeechobee Fishing Report Aug. 12 & 13- Okeechobee Fishing Guides

Okeechobee Fishing Guides


Yesterday and today I had clients from South Fl. and we had a great time fishing with the Baldubchi Family. Bryan, Cole, Conner, and “Papa” had fun catching 25-35 fish a day although the heat was a little unbearable after 10:30 am. We saw lots of alligators preparing for the upcoming gator season. The fishing has been great the BIG bass are still eating well and the weather has been playing along so far in the mornings.


Warm Weather, Warm Water, Big Okeechobee Bass!

         Bill Wilt from Vero Beach Fl. has fished with us many times and has caught big Bass before, but nothing like this giant Okeechobee Swamp Donkey! This fish is one of the bigger fish we have caught this year so far, and it's only February. Okeechobee is churning out huge numbers of bass as well as trophy bass everyday! If you are a bass fishermen or just someone who wants to catch some fish we will teach you to catch these bass. We are approaching March which is the start of springtime bassin and the best bass catching in the United States. Visit Okeechobee and experience the best bass fishing of your life! Call early it's a very busy time of year! Okeechobee Fishing Guides

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report: 1/10/2017 Catching Bass is family fun!

   The Gutch family had a great day of catching, competition between the two boats was fierce and the smack talk was flying back and forth all day! Live wild shiners are the meal ticket for Okeechobee's Trophy Bass! They were grateful for their Okeechobee Fishing Guides putting them on the BIG fish and will be back to fish again.

Okeechobee Fishing Guides: Young Man, Giant Bass,

Okeechobee Fishing Guides

You don't have to be an adult to catch the Trophy Bass of a lifetime. Walton Slaven is 9 years old and caught a bass that weighed a pound for every year he has been alive on a wild shiner. Okeechobee Bass Fishing is for everyone, men, women, kids, grandkids and everybody else! Come and be part of the excitement.        
Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guides

January 1, 2017 Happy New Year! Lake Okeechobee Fishing Reports

      Tennis pro Dave Evans and best friend Dan from  Ft Myers caught this big Bass on a wild shiner. Lake Okeechobee is yielding great numbers of bass to anglers right now whether using live wild shiners or artificial baits. Wild shiners are responsible for more big Bass than any other bait on Lake Okeechobee, although right now top water plugs, spinner baits, senko's and 10 inch worms are all accounting for large numbers of small bass. Speckled Perch or Crappie as our Northern friends call them are being caught in the heavy cover areas of the marsh by anglers using small jigs, various colors will work, so search until you find a color they will eat. Anglers using minnows are finding good numbers of fish as well, the Kissimmee River or local canals all have a healthy population of specks so try your hand at fishing the Big "O" today. Give us call we are here to make your fishing day the best you have ever had!  Okeechobee Fishing Report Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Okeechobee Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guides

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Reports

        Lake Okeechobee is putting out huge catches of Trophy size bass every day for our clients that have been fishing with us. Large numbers of bass and Big Bass equal fun for everyone and smiles that light up the whole day! Denny and Karen Weisbrod from Port Charlotte fished two days this week, and caught them both days! Lake Okeechobee Fishing Reports Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guides

Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guides

Okeechobee Fishing Guides

November 30, 2012
Day 5 with the Efird boys, we had a great week together catching bass and talking trash to one another. We caught a couple of big Bass today and had big numbers too. For the five days we fished together we caught over 200 Bass. My job is made very easy when I get to fish with wonderful people like the Efirds. Okeechobee Fishing Guides are the best in the business!