January 6th 2006 Report with Okeechobee Fishing Guides

January 6, 2006- I fished with 2 fishing pro’s today Tim Herndon and Morris Nix are from Marietta Ga. and both of them fish the Stren tournament trail as well as the BFL tour. Our day of fishing started with us running into some schooling fish at our very first stop. We caught about 20 fish from the school before they quit on us, Morris lost a giant fish at the boat, she got tangled in the anchor rope and broke off, I could tell he was very disappointed. We then made a few other stops that did not pan out for us, so we made a long run to a spot that has produced in the past. The moment our shiner hit the water the cork disappeared, and the action continued for about 45 minutes resulting in another 24 fish. Tim hooked a 7lb fish and landed it, it was hooked deeply and I was having difficulty removing it, at that same time Morris hooked another big fish, so I stuck Tim’s first big fish in the live well to net the fish Morris had on, it turned out to weigh 7lbs 10oz, in the meantime Tim had thrown another rod with a shiner into the same hole and instantly had another big fish on, it turned out to be the largest of the 3 fish, it weighed 8lbs 3oz. So here we are with 3 big spawning females in the boat at the same time, I told both guys this was the picture opportunity of a lifetime, and we took full advantage, photographing all 3 fish together before releasing all 3 unharmed to be caught again. It was one of my most memorable guide trips ever, and I was lucky enough to spend it with my 2 new friends.

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