Okeechobee Fishing Report: Feeding Frenzy

The fishing continues to be very good. Stable weather with temps in the high 70’s has helped greatly, raising our water temp back up to around 70 degrees. Moving water is still the key to this present pattern, finding an area with current is still the key to catching numbers of fish.
Today I fished with Brian Reimers from Washington state, Brian is an accomplished tournament fisherman, and was a pleasure to fish with. We started our day with a ride up the Kissimmee River to the locks. The first shiner to hit the water was engulfed immediately by a 7lb bass, that was swollen with roe and looking for a place to spawn. Of course with immediate results like that we both thought we would sit right there and slay them, an hour later we still did not have another bite, so we moved. In fact we moved 3 more times and only caught one more fish. At this point we went to the lake and pecked around for a couple hours catching 10 or 11 fish. Finally we found a spot that was holding lots of fish and for the next three hours steadily caught one fish after another. Our total for the day was 47 fish, the largest being the 1st fish of the day a 7lber. Right now area that are holding fish are what I call (area specific) meaning that the fish are not spread out everywhere, they are in small little areas that can be found with patience & perseverence.

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Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report

Lake Okeechobee fishing report

The Fishing has gotten better each day, it seems in direct correlation to the clearing of the water. With the bite progressively heightening as each day passes. Today the fish were on a pretty dramatic feed, with periods of schooling activity, where the fish were chasing bait on the surface. The best pattern is still to find a spot where the water is moving, such as a necked down area where the current is being forced thru an opening. Live wild shiners are still accounting for the best fish, with 2 fish of 8lbs and 1 of 7lbs being caught today.
The numbers were big today as well with over 100 fish being caught between 2 boats of customers.

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Lake Okeechobee fishing report for 11/3/2005