October Big Pre-spawn Bass

The larger female bass of Lake Okeechobee are starting to move from the main lake into the shoreline grass areas. This week male bass were caught that were full of sand and female bass were caught that are showing bellies full of roe (eggs). With fish moving from the lake into the littoral zones that surround the lake bass fishing will only get better. The time between now and the first of the New Year is when the single largest bass of the year are normally caught. The pre-spawn has started! some will go thru the motions of spawning during this next full moon phase, others will move in to pre-spawn. We will have fish coming and going from spawning areas to holding areas from now until Spring. There is no other bait that will catch Big Bass during this time of year like a Wild Golden Shiner. It’s on!

 The Texas boys and two pre-spawn females caught on wild shiners.

Fall Bass Catching on Lake Okeechobee!


                          Fall Bass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee!

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                                 Okeechobee Bass Fishing
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                             Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing

Fabulous Fall Fishing !

       Fall has finally arrived on Lake Okeechobee, the water has cooled from summer highs and the bass are becoming much more active throughout the day. Late October, November and December mark the time of year where the largest Bass that swim in the lake move shallow to feed heavily before starting the spawning cycle. The weather is mild and the fishing is World class.