Rogue Gator!

June 25, 2007
We had a 2 boat trip today with Sonny Brown and his son Chase, also John Foy his sons Austin (pictured with big bass) and Harrison and their friend Greg Siefkar. We caught 65 bass between the 2 boats. The biggest thrill of this day was watching the rogue gators hunters kill and 11 foot 550 pound gator that had been bothering us for several weeks. The big brute took my net from me with an 8 pound bass in it and swallowed my net! The second picture was taken as this big gator laid about 2 feet from my boat waiting to steal fish we were trying to land. The bottom picture is Sonny Brown and his son Chase (right to left) Austin Foy and gator hunter Bumpy Courson. This picture was right after we witnessed the demise of the big gator ( what a beast!).